Levi Petree

Next Show - March 13 - TRiP Santa Monica

Photo by Becca Murray (beccabrain)

Photo by Becca Murray (beccabrain)

"He proceeded to rock the Historic USO building like it's rarely been rocked before. By the end of his set, a crowd had gathered at the foot of the stage to dance to the band's thrashing riffs" - The Ridgecrest Daily Independent 
"A delicious melange of things that might fit neatly under the Americana umbrella: pastoral balladry, kick-ass stompers, folksy sunniness, and more than a little punk-rock snarl ... Strong and assured, with loads of personality." - Popshifter
"If you're a fan of Frank Turner, you'll get hooked by the album's first two high-octane tracks "The Rapture" and "Fight On" ...The band's sense of fun is infectious and makes me excited to see them in person" - Adobe and Teardrops


“If Johnny Cash fronted The Clash” … That’s what you get with Levi Petree. A Ragin’ Cajun from Lafayette, Louisiana, Levi was born on the bayou and infuses that area’s unique spirit into his music and performances. His songs are lyrics- and guitar-driven, blending his love of British punk and new wave, Outlaw country of the 1970s, and the classic heartland-rock songs that top 40 DJs don’t seem to spin anymore.

With a dose of humor and a touch of American swagger, Levi Petree’s music has been described by critics as “rallying, thrashing, and infectious” (The Daily Country). About his sound, Levi says, “I’d learned to play by sitting in the back of these Irish jam sessions I’d been invited to, so it was a very ‘3 chords and the truth’ beginning. It was a really great lesson, though, in learning how much emotion, or racket, you could fit into a simple structure. When I started writing, I tried to keep my focus on lyrics, melody, and that simple joy of ‘HOLY S**T, I’M FINALLY PLAYING MUSIC!’” Levi still takes his cues from those roots, cranking out songs he hopes people would turn to as a perfect road trip companion, or perhaps a good partner in crime for karaoke night.

In 2014, he released his debut EP, Rebel Music, with his backing band, The Radio Publica. His full-length debut, It's Country, will be released on March 3rd.