Levi Petree and The Radio Publica

Next Show - April 17 - Altadena, CA


It's Country

by Levi Petree

It's Country is the debut album from Levi Petree. Independently released on March 3, 2017. All songs written by Levi Petree (ASCAP) and performed by The Radio Publica. Produced by Chad McKinsey. Recorded at Exposition Studios in Culver City, CA. Mixed by Chad McKinsey, Greg Thomas, and Paul Broussard.

Reviews for the album called it ... 

"A delicious melange of things that might fit neatly under the Americana umbrella: pastoral balladry, kick-ass stompers, folksy sunniness, and more than a little punk-rock snarl ... Strong and assured, with loads of personality." - Popshifter

"Rallying, thrashing, punk flavored ... Good-humored and infectious" - The Daily Country

"A stony, anthemic rock and roll marching mission...Stirs rush-blooded, reciprocal dedication" - Damnation Dance Party

While Adobe and Teardrops said"If you're a fan of Frank Turner, you'll get hooked by the album's first two high-octane tracks "The Rapture" and "Fight On" ...The band's sense of fun is infectious and makes me excited to see them in person"